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Sams Energy Healing 

My name is Sam, I do my life's work from Kensington in Johannesburg. I was married to the most generous, supportive husband I could ever have wished for. And even though our time together as husband and wife has come to an end, we are still good friends who support one another and co-parent our children, putting their needs above all else.
I have two amazing, loving children who teach me wonderful life lessons every single day. I am very fortunate as my life allows me the opportunity to spend quality time with my children during the day as well as arrange my own diary for appointments with my wonderful clients. My little angels are attending school which gives me a lot more time in the day. I'm free to dedicate more time to helping people in need of healing & enlightenment.

I am so very fortunate in that my grandmother gave me this marvellous gift. This gift I cherish and am truly grateful for. I get to help people, I get to be of service to my community... to my fellow souls. I feel that this is a privilege that I hold most sacred.
My mother used to tell the story of when I was a child, I would talk and play with a little girl in our flat, a little girl that no one else could see. As it turned out, the little girl used to live there but had passed away. The details of the story are unknown to me, but I think I was under the age of 5 when this happened.
After that, I don't have any recollection of events that would lead me to believe that I would one day do this work. Until I was in my mid twenties. This however was a very inopportune time for me. I was enjoying my life... living life to the fullest. I was not ready to be of service to anyone other than myself. I was immature and had a lot of growing up to do; mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

In my early 30's I got married and started my hard road towards healing my traumas. I needed to dissect my life so that I could get to know who I really was. I had to figure out how the traumas of my childhood affected me as an adult. I had to do this, I just had to if I was going to raise my children in a more positive environment.
It was during this time that I made my life changing decisions regarding my family and friends. These decisions caused me enormous amounts of pain. But ultimately opened me up to accepting that I am worth this magnificent gift that God has given me. I can be of positive service to all that are willing to accept my help. I can share what I have learnt with everyone that is willing to hear. And I will do these things with passion and integrity as this is my life's purpose.

I am by no means a perfect or holy person. I am a human being. I am here to experience my life to the fullest, I am here to learn and I am also here to teach with the assistance of my guides. I, like everyone else have my scars, my emotional “issues”. I, like everyone else prefer to bury my pain and move through life trying not to think of my past. But! I have learnt the hard way, that there comes a time when we all have to look within and connect with our higher self. The higher self that chose the life experiences, loved ones, not so loved ones and the situations our lives have brought us.

Our inner most being, our soul is buried deep within the earthly body. Our soul is what allows us to communicate with our creator, our God, our universe. It allows us to have an intimate relationship with a creator whom we have never actually seen. Our soul is our connection to God. We call this connection & relationship, FAITH.

Our souls are timeless, spaceless, ageless, everlasting, pure, full of light, positivity and goodness. It is imperative that we keep our souls this way.
When we forget about our souls or do things that disagree with our soul - we form dis-ease, illnesses, sadness, unhealthy ego, negativity, depression. It is so important to live a life in conjunction with our soul's needs, likes and requirements.
This is where I come in... my purpose is to facilitate between the soul and the body. To receive information from your soul, guardian angels, loved ones who have already passed or guides and deliver this to you. This information will increase the quality of your life and put your soul at peace. Your life’s purpose is revealed. Pushing you toward living a fulfilling, happy life. You will be shown which path is the right path for you. You will be shown what your life’s lessons are, how you can create your own peaceful, loving universe. How to manifest abundance in all areas of your life. You will be shown how to truly live in spirit, to truly live a fulfilling, blissful life.

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