What Are the Benefits of Meditation?

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Meditation is supposed to be good for you. Is this true?
Let's look at some research. Over the past 40 years, dozens of universities in the United States, Europe and India have conducted hundreds of studies on the effects of meditation on human physiology and behaviour. The research (link to noetic sciences, results point to meditation as producing benefits on many levels of life simultaneously – body, emotions, mental functioning, and relationships.
· Greater Orderliness of Brain Functioning
· Improved Ability to Focus
· Increased Creativity
· Deeper Level of Relaxation
· Improved Perception and Memory
· Development of Intelligence
· Natural Change in Breathing
· Decrease in Stress Hormone
· Lower Blood Pressure
· Reversal of Aging Process
· Reduced Need for Medical Care
· Reduction in Cholesterol
· Increased Self-Actualization
· Increased Strength of Self-Concept
· Decreased Cigarette, Alcohol, and Drug Abuse
· Increased Productivity
· Improved Relations at Work
· Increased Relaxation and Decreased Stress
· Improved Health and More Positive Health Habits

If you would like more detailed information on meditation, please see the following link:

What can you expect from the meditation sessions?
Anti stress / relaxation Ridding yourself of destructive habits Letting go of old, unwanted energies/baggage Manifestation of your wants and needs Finding your life’s purpose/passion Attracting love Ridding yourself of unhealthy ego/loving generously Meeting your inner/higher self Meeting your spiritual guides Seeing loved ones that have passed on Healing yourself of emotional/physical dis-ease. And much more.

Which day is the meditation on and what to do to attend…?
Wednesday 6pm to 7pm Saturday 4pm to 5pm or 10am to 11am

Should you wish to attend the session on any Wednesday night, I will need an sms from you letting me know that you would like to attend the session. The cut off time for letting me know is 3pm on the Wednesday. It is vital to let me know so that I can determine numbers and whether or not the meditation is viable.

My number is: 084 8000 254
The Saturday session will be posted on my FACEBOOK page on the Thursday (two days prior). The time will be stated and also whether or not it will in fact take place. I have little children, meditation often has to be moved around due to kiddie parties etc…

NOTE: Should the meditation not be taking place, an sms will be sent to you informing you of this.

How much to do you need to pay?
For the meditation itself, this will be by a donation of your choice. I do understand that times are tough for some. But meditation is ESSENTIAL so all I ask for in return is what you feel you can afford and what you feel the meditation is worth to you. Obviously the more attending, the stronger the meditation energy. The group will also introduce you to other like-minded people who share your interests and have a thirst for making positive choices and changes in their lives. “Get rid of the negative people in your life - surround yourself with positive people who believe in you and inspire you.” – George Burns

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