Reception Introductory

spiritual Healing Intro

Please read the following so that you will know what to expect, to put you at ease and allow you to get the most out of today’s reading.  

Whether you’re connecting to your guides/guardians or people that have passed on, it’s necessary that you appreciate the fact that I am merely the link between you and your loved ones.  My only purpose is to pass these messages on to you.  I have no opinion or judgements on this information.  I can try to manoeuvre the conversation/reading in the direction you request, however it is up to the person being contacted on where they wish to go and what they wish to talk to you about, in order of importance.

What you can expect:
I hold your hand so that I can get a feel of your energy and those connected to you in the spirit realm.  If you have photographs I will hold them and see what comes up.  My eyes will remain closed some of the time so that I am able to see the images being shown to me.

How does the info come to me?
At the start, I usually see images or “video clips” of random items that have some meaning to you or the person/guide I am communicating with.   The energies that enter our space usually do so with caution and often give us images that have very little importance to you in the beginning.   Do not get despondent, after a few moments they usually just inundate the reading with all sorts of significant information that is very special to you.  
Please write as much as you can down!  A lot of the time the reading is overwhelming for you and you cannot quite remember things.  When you get home, and read your notes… many things come back to you.  Also, it is very

common that you may not identify with something during the reading but when you read it to a friend or family member – the message is very clear to them.

What should you do?  
Trust me.  Please do not start the reading with the idea that this is not real or a need to see if I am the real deal. I will do everything in my power to ensure you get in touch with the person/guide you want contact with today. However, if you have any pessimistic feelings about the reading… the connection is not as strong as it could be.  This is in fact very sad, as you could be receiving powerful, inspirational, sensational messages affirming the contact for you. I will be honest with you; if I am not getting anything… I will let you know and we can then decide what to do.  Again, it is out of my control whether or not someone from the other side wants to connect, I will however be honest with you about it.


Wishing you a reading filled with love, healing, acceptance, knowledge and joy.
Happy healing and Growing

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